Governance of adaptation

Adaptation to climate change is not just a matter of smart (technological) solutions but also of governance. Governance of adaptation presents some special challenges such as the long time scale, the uncertainties, the risks of solutions and the controversy. Governance of adaption has to be transparent and fair, effective and resilient.


The theme Governance analysed, developed and tested government arrangements within the research programme Knowledge for Climate (2007 – 2014). These governance arrangements helped development of adaptation strategies.

Relationships between perceived flood risks, problem ownership and adaptation choices

The aim of this research was to provide policy-makers and professionals with knowledge on the conditions that can make risk perception work as a positive and not as a negative influencing factor of various types of climate change adaptation that are relevant for the Rotterdam area.

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Knowledge for Climate TV: Climate adaptation visualized

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Valorisation of adaptation knowledge for sustainable delta cities

Water plazas, green roofs, vertical gardens: these are existing measures to adapt cities to heat and excessive rainwater. Some leading municipalities in the Netherlands have developed a climate adaptation strategy. However, climate change adaptation is not (structurally) included yet in urban planning and design of public space. Private owners of land and buildings hardly play a role in adapting to the changing climate. The market for climate adaptation products and services is still very limited.

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